“We adopted Ella in May 2015 after fostering her for 2 months. LARC is an amazing group of women that put their hearts and souls into rescuing. I am so happy I saw their plea for a foster for Ella. She is such huge part of our lives and we love her very much. Thank you LARC!”

– Eileen LaCasse

“Nicole is the most passionate, loving, beautiful person in and out! She made sure we and our pup were a perfect match! From letting us keep the pup over the weekend, answering our many questions, and informing us of upcoming check ups, she has been so supportive and passionate. LARC is an amazing rescue, and teaming up with the Pawsitive Direction Program is true icing on the cake. What an amazing program to see first hand, these guys are awesome!! I cannot thank you enough for finding our sweet girl Dallas!!! I would recommend LARC to anyone of my friends and family!”

– Catie King

“We met Bog on the count down to zero day… I would consider myself not a dog person and I didn’t want a dog and was set on not finding anything and was just pleasing my wife with going there so she would stop complaining about not having a dog. And then there he was! Laying in the floor with fairy wings!!! I sat down on the floor with him and he crawled in my lap and proceeded to snooze while being pet! I told myself  I wasn’t going to love him… we left and as we are driving home there he was again outside going potty…. darn Fairy wings again!… after 2 weeks he was still on my mind and I called to see if he found a home so I could justify not thinking of this pup. He was still there and we could take over fostering him…. once he got the all clear we adopted him and for a non dog person I thought he was he sure won me over 🙂 Thanks to Nicole and LARC we have the biggest goofball in our life and I wouldn’t have it any other way… I may still not be a dog person but it turns out I am a Bog person.”

– Sheryl

“Adopting Vinny will always be one of the best choices I’ve ever made. I lost him in June; and I knew adopting him as a senior wouldn’t leave me much time. Nicole was amazing at knowing the type of dog he was; and knowing so much about him. Being that I have another older dog who isn’t super fond of others; she directed me to Vinny because of his temperament and easy going nature. The LARC program is beautiful and what Nicole has done for these dogs is so generous. I will forever adopt a dog from here. Loved this process and loved feeling so welcomed by this staff. 🤍🤍🤍”

– Amanda Stoupis

“If it wasn’t for LARC I wouldn’t have my amazing boy Blaze! A very nice firefighter found him roaming around hence his name, and then went to Animal control. Poor Blaze had alopecia from I believe stress and Nicole came to the rescue! I can remember the day I meet up with Nicole and took him home with us! He has been heaven sent and the our missing puzzle piece. He will lick you every second of the day if you give him the chance to and he is such a cuddle bug. He means the world to us and he shows us everyday how grateful he is to be with us.  Thank you Nicole for helping us with Blaze and having a huge heart and helping all the pups and for always being there for us, it truly means the world to me.”

– Erica and Bubba

 “I was searching for a new dog pal for our family and our family dog. I looked high and low but no one would get back to me. Then I found LARC. I fell in love with their mission of rescuing dogs and using incarcerated men and their talents to train rescue dogs. When Nicole called me, she spent so much time understanding my family, my dog and me. She had ideas for dogs and who may work for our family.  A few days in, I found a picture of Mr. Man. I texted Nicole right away and found out he was super timid and shy. She wanted us to foster to allow his true self to come out. We knew how to handle shy, non affectionate dogs so we said “let’s do it!” We fostered Mr Man for about 3 days and adopted him. He is bar none the sweetest dog I have ever owned. He is still a bit puppy, a huge lover and after he knew we were his family, he became our guard dog, our buddy and has to kiss you when you walk by! I thank the inmate who trained Max (new name) everyday and pray that one day he gets to enjoy life and use his dog training talents. He made Max who he is. I also got a piece of New Orleans as Max was originally rescued by the rescue organization Villalobos Rescue Center [Pit Bulls and Parolees, one of my favorite shows to watch]. LARC works with them to help these wonderful dogs. I would never get a dog anywhere else. LARC will be the only place I go and I will recommend them in a heart beat!!!!”

– Jennifer Stuart

“Before I became apart of this wonderful organization, I was a foster & one of Nicole’s best friends. Jules was being given away for free as an 8 week old puppy on Facebook & it wasn’t long before Nicole made sure she was safe with us. She was just a tiny thing, so tiny that Nicole bought her a cat collar with a bell! Tiny, but she was feisty & fearless. I may have been in denial for awhile but deep down I knew this girl was mine. Over the years she’s helped me grow as a trainer, brought me out of comfort zones & I’ve met some amazing people along the way.  I could not imagine my life without her.”

– Dana (LARC Vice President and PDP Training Director)



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