Thank you so much for your interest in joining our team of volunteers. We can ALWAYS use the help. If you cannot give your time or resources to fostering or adopting our rescues, not to worry! There are tons of ways to get involved besides fostering and adopting. And, we are always putting on events which require the help of many individuals to spread awareness on our adoptable dogs and organization.

Volunteer opportunities may include:

  • transporting dogs
  • delivering supplies to foster families
  • processing adoption applications
  • marketing for our nonprofit organization and events
  • helping with organized adoption events
  • providing supervision on foster/adoption home visits
  • administrative assistance

Why Volunteer?

What we do cannot be accomplished without the help of volunteers. In fact, the entire organization was developed based on the care and love from those who have sacrificed numerous hours with the only benefit being saving the lives of these helpless animals. Our goal is to save as many dogs from harmful homes, neglect, euthanasia, etc. as possible, so we need as many individuals willing to volunteer as possible! Call us today and we will find something for you to do so that you can help save dogs’ lives too!

    Contact us if your interesting in volunteering!