Have Unanswered Questions about Fostering or Adopting our Rescued Dogs and Puppies?

Q: Can my family, pets, and I meet the dog I’m interested in adopting/fostering before doing so?

A: Yes. Actually, it’s part of the adoption process to go about a home inspection, where we determine if your home is fit for the dog you are interested in fostering/adopting. This way, we can determine if your home, pets, and family are right for the specific dog you are interested in.

Q: Are dogs available for adoption already trained?

A: Training depends on the past life of a dog and fostering experience. Before adoption, we will provide you with as much information about the dog you’re interested in before you make the decision to take in another member of your family.

Q: Do you rescue cats?

A: No. As of now, we only provide rescue, foster, and adoption services for puppies and dogs.

Q: Does it cost money to adopt a dog?

A: Yes. The adoption rate is $250. We are a nonprofit organization that does not run off of a source of unlimited funds. In fact, every dollar that we spend is donated by a caring individual or comes from adoption fees. We provide food, medical resources, veterinary care, crates, toys, leashes, and collars to new foster families so that they have the provisions needed to care for a dog properly, and the adoption fee helps us to do so.

Q: If I decide to foster, how long will I be doing so?

A: Dogs require foster for many different reasons, so fostering time will vary depending on the dog. There is no way to tell when an animal will be ready for adoption or be selected for adoption, so there is no way to determine how long you’ll be fostering.

Q: Do I have to own a home with a yard to adopt a dog?

A: No. You don’t have to own a home to adopt a dog. Renters need to provide proof that their landlords allow the presence of the dog, though. The need for a yard depends on the breed of dog, medical needs, and exercise needs. It will be determined if your home is suitable for a dog adoption upon house inspection before adoption paperwork is signed.

Q: If I’m the first person to fill out adoption paperwork on a dog, am I the one that will get to adopt him/her?

A: No, not necessarily. Our goal is not just to find adoptees for our rescues, but to find the right adoptees. Just because you have shown the first interest in an animal, doesn’t mean that you are the right fit for the dog’s needs. In most cases, the foster family will determine whether an adoptee is right for a dog they have been caring for, as foster families understand the specific needs of the animals they have been taking care of. If you aren’t placed with the first dog you fall in love with, don’t lose hope. It just means that your furry friend hasn’t been rescued yet!